Why Sensory Play?

A question I often get asked is, why sensory play? To be honest, as a teacher, we did it because we were told it was great. I had a few classes that mentioned it and I saw that my students retained more when they were able to work with their hands. Fast forward to my own child. I made all of the cutest flash cards, printed all of the activity pages and she was not about it. All the while, I was very pregnant and knew I was quickly running out of one on one time with my toddler. I realized quickly that I would need to get creative. I started researching montessori learning, sensory play, and play based learning. It's funny now because everything I read about flashing toys, etc I already knew, I just wasn't sure if I agreed. I kept wondering-What if she got bored? What if she didn't have enough to play with? Finally, I started to overhaul my entire play room. Each shelf featured one open ended toy. I gave her access to her "needs" to allow some independence. My printable activities became sensory bins with letters, numbers, or her name. Now hear me, she didn't magically know how to use these things, we started playing over a blanket to contain the mess and talked a lot about boundaries but I watched as my wild little lady started imagining narratives, talking through conversations, recognizing her name, letters, and numbers. She started to count objects in her kits, independently scoop, pour, & sort, it was amazing. The research is there, sensory input creates connections in our littles brains that will literally enrich their abilities to learn. It fosters independence, encourages problem solving, improves fine motor skills, and creativity. After our success and a few friends asking for me to make them some things, I decided I might give this thing a go. My teacher brain is getting to stay creative and Harper June is loving the ability to play with all the kits before they ship out! We truly appreciate every single order and look forward to hearing all of the ways your kiddo has enjoyed their kits!